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Why Should I Get A Membership?

Consistency Has Its Benefits
By joining, you commit to your health and save money. The relaxation your mind and body experience from regular massages will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Consistent massage therapy will also improve your health. As our bodies become accustomed to frequent massages, the benefits become apparent.

It’s Convenient!
The fact that the session has already been pre-paid and scheduled means that you no longer have to stress about remembering to care for yourself while you’re in session!

a woman giving a back massage
a woman giving a back massage

Benefits of a Regular Massage:


Lower Stress

Massage therapy reduces stress and conditions associated with it, such as tension headaches and high blood pressure.


Improve Physical Fitness

Reduce muscle tension, improve exercise performance, and prevent injuries.


Manage Pain

Therapeutic massage may relieve pain by the use of several techniques. Trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, and myofascial release are just a few technique I use to help client get relief from pain.


Boost Immune System

Increase the activity level of the body’s natural “killer T cells” which fight off viruses.

What Membership Is Best For Me?

How long of a massage should I choose?

-60min is great for a full body relaxation massage with minimal focus areas. For example, you could get a full body massage with a little extra time on your shoulders. It is also a great option for partial body massage if you are experiencing pain or excessive tension and want only that area and the effecting muscle groups worked on. For example, you could ask to have only your back and legs massaged.

-90min is perfect for you if you have a focus area or two that need more attention but you also want to get a full body massage that doesn’t feel rushed. This the most popular length of massage for my clients.

-120min is for my extremists. I myself am an extremist, and can fully appreciate you guys! This massage is for people who need to melt away, relax for 2 hours, and escape stress, worries, and the world. This could also be for those in extreme pain, I have many clients who live in chronic and need every bit of this two-hour session for many focus areas.

How frequently should I come in?

-Receiving massage once a month is a great way to lower your monthly stresses and really check in with your mind and body. This a wonderful addition to, or beginning of, a healthy self-care routine.
-Receiving massage twice a month is great choice for those of you who are struggling with high stress, excessive pain and tension, and need more frequent self-care. It is also best for clients who need injury recovery massage. Dealing with injuries, new or old, takes commitment. Staying hydrated and stretching helps significantly prolong the benefits of massage, but depending on the injury, more regular massage is required for full recovery. (More will be discussed during consultation pertaining to injury recovery.) 

Reminder: Consultations never cut into your massage time!

Ready to Sign Up for a Membership?

To become a member, email or call/text me below
. We will discuss your goals and terms of membership, as well as set up an appointment to make sure you enjoy my bodywork before signing up.

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